Saturday, 7 January 2012

Homemade Hummus

For someone who hasn't heard of hummus(which is pronounced as "hom mus") before, it is a very popular Mediterranean/Middle East food that is normally eaten as a dip or spread.  Hummus is made from chickpeas &  it contains high in protein & fiber.
If you still remember my Paprika Bread Chips & Moroccan Bread Chips recipes, hummus is best to eat with these bread chips or with some freshly cut vegetables like carrots, celery & cucumbers.  If you are getting sick of eating bread with peanut butter and jam, think of hummus and I'm sure that it will give you a fresh change! For some people, they like eating it with some crackers, just the simple as that!

I have only learned to eat hummus after coming to Sydney.  It is very popular among the dips that are selling in the supermarket but of course, the homemade hummus always tastes the best.  I made this recently to attend a group of friend's gathering and I found out that my vegetarian friend likes it very much!

Like most of my recipes, hummus is very easy to prepare & here is my version of hummus.

(Adapted from Exclusively Food and Recipes)

400g Ready-to-Eat Chickpeas, drained, skins removed & rinsed
1 Garlic, chopped coarsely
40ml Lemon Juice
2tbsp Tahini (sesame paste)
50ml Olive Oil
50ml Water
1/8tsp Ground Cumin
Pinch of Salt
Some Sweet Paprika to spread on top

How to make:
1. Place all ingredients in a food processor & process till the dip is smooth.
2. Store hummus in air-tight container & refrigerate for few hours or overnight before serving.
Note: Make hummus the night before serving to enhance its flavour.

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